Agnes and the Forbidden Mountain

Agnes lives in a virgin forest tribe of Magreys. Each tribal member is born with an exceptional gift. As soon as the Magrey discovers and masters the gift, there comes the time to perform it during a Full Moon Celebration and to promise not to misuse it and to share it with the whole tribe.

The only catch is, the Magreys must manage to do so before their twelfth birthday, otherwise they turn into Shadows.

Agnes has just celebrated her eleventh birthday. And apart from others, she still does not know what her gift is.

Therefore, she sets out on a dangerous journey to the Forbidden Mountain. To the very same mountain, from which her daddy didn't return five years ago.

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How the book came to be

In November of 2019, I was getting ideas that urged me to share the story with other people.


  • How to sensibly manage the time here on Earth which is so comically short?
  • How to listen to your heart?
  • How not to cling to things as everything is only borrowed in our lives?
  • How to find happiness in everydayness?
  • How to wake up the kindness to your own body?
  • How to take care of your soul and not let others hurt you?
  • And how to find the reconciliation with your own mortality?


I wished to write a book that:

  • could be read by children and adults,
  • was so interesting that the reader couldn't put the book down,
  • was wise, but not overwise,
  • could make you laugh and cry.

And that's how Agnes came to life. A girl from the Magrey tribe living on the island of Baulu. Tiny and wild, talkative and brave, carrying a seed of uncertainty within her, which beautifully ties the story together.

"I strongly believe that enhancing and pampering our own unique skills is the right way to make the world around us a more beautiful place." ~ Veronika Hurdová


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